Friday, April 24, 2015

Brought To You From Sand Island

Sand Island Campground (BLM) in Bluff, Utah—and we have Verizon signal with the booster and antenna—amazing considering we are down next to the river with high ridges all around us!  The guys had us leaving North Ranch before 6am this morning—dang it!!  But we made tracks all day, 361 miles, arriving in Bluff about 2:30pm.  Amazingly we found two large campsites open on a Friday afternoon—our site is huge and we wanted the trailer in the sun for best use of the solar panels plus we wanted access to the back door so we could unload and load the ATVs.  Larry has offered to pull the trailer with his truck if we want to travel to a trailhead for ATV riding so the front of the trailer had to be accessible too.  Logistics, logistics--we are serving as Larry and Geri’s garage, too!



The cliff above our campsite is covered with petroglyphs--




DSCN0792The San Juan River is flowing—it’s nice to see water again!

It’s good to be traveling and it’s fun to travel with Larry and Geri again.  Cathy and Mike were to have joined us on Sunday in Moab but have had family issues which require their presence in Washington—we wish them all the best as they travel home! 

Larry grilled chicken tonight, Geri pan fried some potatoes and onions and with a salad we dined like kings—life is good!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garage Sale

I think Nancy gets the prize for the most disgusting story about people’s buffet habits—a lady put salad dressing on her salad then licked the spoon before putting it back into the container!!  EWWWWW!  I just can’t let my imagination run too wild or I would never go out to eat!  I contracted giardia many, many years ago after eating in a lakeside restaurant near Austin, Texas—contaminated ice they discovered—and I’ve never been sicker in my life!  I’ve also had mild cases of food poisoning—most recently last October after eating at Packer stadium in Wisconsin but if you let your mind wander—no, let’s not go there! Winking smile 

As soon as we returned from our morning desert stroll, I headed into Wickenburg for plumbing supplies and a couple grocery items.  We both spent the morning buttoning up, storing things—getting ready to depart.  Michael had the honor of draining the hot water tank—the air didn’t turn too blue during that process! Winking smileWe then greased the sides of the motorhome Winking smileand my cowboy did a fine job of backing the motorhome up to the trailer at an angle with excellent directions from his sidekick!  The only casualty of getting the motorhome/trailer turned around and parked for departure was an arm of one of the Easter cactus—the one we gave to Cathy and Mike—they were going to wait until fall to dig the cactus and move it to their yard—well, it is now minus one arm Cathy and Mike!

Just after lunch I was flicking through emails when I spotted an interesting one—an elderly lady whose husband died this spring is moving to Sun City—she was having a “starter” garage sale.  I grabbed the jeep keys and the cowboy, heading just down the street.  We made a haul!!!  A golf cart (didn’t know we wanted a golf cart until we got there)!!  A swing, tools, garden tools, a backpack weed sprayer, and some lawn ornaments. 

DSCN0750See Emmi on the seat—when we were in Texas with Rollie and Gina, Rollie bought a used golf cart for all of us to use—Emmi loved riding in it.  We couldn’t find Emmi when we were ready to go to happy hour at Jim and Ellie’s—there she was sitting in the golf cart!

DSCN0751Rita had this swing on her front porch and said the garland was to keep the birds from sitting up there and doing their business on the cushions—a little too foo-foo for my taste!  See the wicker chairs behind the swing—we got those too!  And an 8 foot fiberglass ladder—like I said, we made a haul!!  Less we have to haul from Montana in the fall!

Larry and Geri joined us in enjoying one last happy hour with Jim and Ellie along with Mike and Pat—see you in the fall guys!  One more sleep before departure!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Food Issues and Departure Plans

Do you ever think about who touched what and whose germs are on which spoon when attending a potluck—RV park, church, firemen’s fund raiser, etc.???  Well, after reading Take To The Highway and her experiences I stumbled across this news article about a church potluck!!  Holy moly—I’ve avoided buffet lines in restaurants for a long time and never more so than when I watched a young woman in the line remove something from her plate, insert it into her mouth with two fingers then pick up the next spoon—watch people sometimes in lines—happens all the time!  Food poisoning is one thing but botulism!!!!!  That’s another whole ball of wax!

Two more sleeps as John and Brenda would say—and the wheels will be rolling—we both have a minor case of hitch itch and it’s time to go!  We paid Jerry and Caryl a visit today, they will be keeping an eye on our place for us—it gets hot in Arizona and that’s an understatement!!  We’ve left four large containers full of water in various sinks and bathtubs—it helps keep some moisture in the house through evaporation.  The watering system to the trees and shrubs will be left on but we will turn off the water inside the house—the two systems are separate, thank goodness after reading about Rod’s disaster!  Owning a house adds to your departure list for sure!  We had a good visit with Jerry and Caryl, I got to see some of the beautiful quilts she is creating before she headed off for a massage appointment.  Emmi got to meet their cat who let Emmi know in no uncertain terms she was trespassing! 

I spent some time baking—cookies, pound cake—traveling and ATVing food.  We’ve all been busy reading blogs and gathering info about the Bluff and Blanding, Utah area as well as Moab.  Nina’s blog as always is a wealth of information.  Pam and John are just ahead of us, they are now in Moab but were in the Bluff area recently.  We spent a short amount of time in the Bluff area in 2011—back when we were in our “we have to get there mode” and we only stayed a couple days hardly seeing anything so we are looking forward to doing some hiking and sightseeing. 

It was a beautiful day here, cool and breezy.  It will be sad to leave our new home but we are looking forward to being back in Montana too.

Monday, April 20, 2015

This And That

While visiting with Jim and Ellie, Jim mentioned some photography he had recently seen of the Bluff, Utah area—done by a friend of Fred and Jo Wishnie. Well, if you are ready to have your socks fly off, take a look at Steve Dempsey’s photography!  Wow!

I was out the door bright and early this morning heading for Glendale—Wal Mart and Costco—picking up some things for the house and for our travels.  I was back home shortly after noon—would have gotten back sooner if I hadn’t gotten caught up in the traffic jam at the Wickenburg Ranch round-a-bout where they are laying new pavement.

Michael is busy making the garage his own installing shelving and drawers, lumber racks, etc.  He’s really pleased we bought this spot with a garage! 

Here are some photos Geri took on our ride the other day—it gives you an idea of how tough that trail really was!

ATVing2ATVingThat’s me coming around the corner—isn’t the scenery just spectacular!

Coming back into the driveway this evening late we had a treat—a momma quail and about eight little babies scurrying along—way too fast for a photo!  Fred and Nancy stopped by to say goodbye—they are heading home to Oregon tomorrow—safe travels friends! 

Michael and I performed a rescue—driving back home this evening I saw something laying in the street out ahead of us—it was a man—he had slipped on some loose rocks, fallen and could not get back up.  We helped him up and walked with him back to his home which wasn’t far delivering him to his wife who got out the first aide kit to clean up his bloody arm and elbow.  She told us this kind of thing happens way too often with him—getting old isn’t fun, is it!

As the sun was going down last night the mountain were glowing—this is the view we see from our house:


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow Saturday

Yep, not much going on around this little desert spot except cleaning and cooking!  Last night we enjoyed a tremendously good potluck dinner with our ATV friends at the Biltmore tent with Larry and Geri.  Ribs, corn on the cob, lasagna, french bread, salad, baked beans, potato salad and brownies with ice cream!!

Today I finished cleaning the floors in the house—ugh!  The house hasn’t been lived in for over a year and I’m not sure much cleaning went on before that judging by the condition of the floors!  I was using my little motorhome vacuum and it was getting a workout!

IMG_1455IMG_1469These were taken on our Tuesday ride, didn’t think you wanted to see photos of me vacuuming!

Michael changed all the door locks today and yesterday spent some time building a work bench in his garage—at least he is now letting the jeep park in the garage!  He has also worked on the tree watering system making sure the timers all have new batteries, etc.—the citrus trees will need water. 

We are making plans for our departure some time next week—it seems as if we’ve been gone a long time this year—I had a message from one granddaughter today who said, “are you guys ever coming home?”  Guess it might be time!

We absolutely love the view from our motorhome windows, desert trees (still green) and craggy mountains—life is good!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Guild and The Dump

My friend Caryl Spinney has encouraged me to join the local quilt guild and provided a contact—who just happens to live in North Ranch.  When I dropped my paperwork at Elaine’s house she invited me to attend their semi-monthly meeting in Wickenburg today—so off I went, early! SmileGreat group of ladies, very welcoming and judging from show and tell—they are prolific quilters!  Recently members of the group were given bags of scrap fabrics and they then created unique quilts from these mystery bags—it was amazing!  (My iPhone doesn’t take photos so well inside—what’s up with that you iPhone users??)


String quilts, a jacket, a rug, even a nightgown—these ladies were creative with their bags of fabric scraps!



When I came home Michael had our little trailer all ready for a trip to the dump with the debris from tearing out that wall on Monday—it is amazing how much junk there was just from that one little wall—can you imagine how much garbage we would generate if tearing out large walls!

Habitat For Humanity came a couple days ago and picked up some furniture we weren’t interested in keeping—a recliner, a TV cabinet and a computer desk—we were glad to see it go.  The previous owners left a complete set of dining furniture—early American—but perfectly usable.

The cowboy is remodeling the garage work space—he’s thrilled to have a “workshop!”  I did manage to clean the refrigerator in the house this afternoon after doing some yoga.  My back is still giving me fits and yoga does seem to help—I have this great carpeted, empty living room for a yoga studio—no excuses!

It has been very windy, very! and cool here yesterday and today—but it’s not snowing or raining as it is in Montana!

Lora 2And Ms. Lora with a smile and a little hair showing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We Visit A Grave

I sure hope Mr. Bradshaw appreciated our visiting his gravesite as much trouble as it was for us to get there!  Today was the toughest riding I’ve done—by the time we stopped for lunch my knees were knocking and my hands were shaking!  I was up on three wheels, sometimes two I think more times that I want to count—the rest of the time I felt as if I was going to land on my nose, the trail was so steep!  The rest of the ATV group praised my riding skills—I jokingly said, “I want a RZR after that, I just want to be a passenger!!!” 


In 1862 the brothers William and Isaac Bradshaw along with William Warringer, sought and received a 20 year exclusive contract from Arizona’s first territorial legislature for a ferry service across the Colorado River between Providence Point, California and Olive City in Arizona. William Bradshaw’s brother Isaac, ran the ferry most of the time, while William went to the Weaver Mining District in Arizona and spent his time prospecting and exploring. William died in 1864, later that year the Silver Mountains were renamed the Bradshaw Mountains.

In 1867 Isaac Bradshaw got gold fever so he sold his interest in the ferry in Providence Point, left his wife and children and traveled to Arizona. He first tried his hand at prospecting, but did not meet with success. He then sought opportunities in the Copper Basin District located in the Sierra Prieta Mountains in Yavapai County. There he became a partner in a copper mining operation. Still having the lust for gold, he sold his interest in the Copper Basin property and went to the southern Bradshaw’s where he found his nirvana. His mine was not especially profitable, but it produced enough to keep him in beans and bacon. He died Christmas Day, 1886, at his claim on Whipsaw Gulch near Castle Creek where he is buried.”

Leaving North Ranch at 8:30am we headed for the fairgrounds where we unloaded our ATVs and set off.  Mike and Cathy need a little Crisco to get their RZR in the trailer! SmileIMG_1440

It was a very warm day with a stiff breeze making it hard for the cowboy to hang onto his hat!  Actually it was hard for all of us to hang onto our hats!  Little Emmi was a trouper as usual, her shade apparatus works very well!IMG_1445We rode through some of the most rugged country I’ve ever seen—it was gorgeous out there!



IMG_1472Steep mountains, very little water, cactus everywhere, rattlesnakes and the relentless sun beating down—you wouldn’t want to be lost out there!

 IMG_1477It was a great day riding with great friends!